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Royal Residence

Palazzo Madama

A splendid residence and museum which comprises the Roman Porta Pretoria towers, the 15th-century castle by Ludovico D'Acaja and the striking façade with a monumental entrance hall and staircase designed by Juvarra.
Piazza Castello, Mon-Sun: 10-18, Tue Closed, 011/4429912

Palazzo Reale ('Royal Palace')

Grandiose Savoy residence surrounded by marvellous garden. Today it is possible to admire its elegant apartments furnished with precious ornaments and paintings.
Piazzetta Reale. Tue-Sun: 8.30-19.30, 011/4361455

Rivoli Castle

Imposing residence and fortress transformed into a baroque masterpiece by architects such as Ascanio Vittozzi and Filippo Juvarra, today it is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia, Rivoli, Tue-Thu: 10-17, Sat- Sun 10-19 - 011/9565222

Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi ("Stupinigi Hunting Lodge"),

An extraordinarily original and avant-garde design conceived by Filippo Juvarra, it is home to the Museum of Art and Furniture.
Piazza Principe Amedeo 7, Stupinigi, Tue-Fry: 10-17.30, Sat - Sun 10/18.30 Mon CLosed, 011/3581220

Venaria Reale Site

The Venaria Reale site is a unique environmental and architectural experience of extraordinary interest. It is an immense, varied and imposing space where the visitor cannot help feeling drawn into the magic atmosphere of cultural attractions and amusements that were the pastimes of nobility.
Entertainment, pageants, concerts, exhibitions alternate with opportunities to enjoy one's leisure, direct and intimate contact with nature, sports, relaxation and the culture of fine food and wines.
Venaria Reale and the old market town represent a treasure trove of historic events and trials and tribulations. We sense this in the imposing baroque palace, with its vast gardens, one of the most significant examples of the magnificence of architecture and art in the 17th and 18th centuries.
We sense it, too, in the La Mandria Park, one of the finest examples of European environmental havens where numerous species of both domestic and wild animals live in complete freedom, and where a significant legacy of historic and architectural wealth is preserved. The new splendours and exceptional quality of the architecture of the restored 'Reggia' palace, the immensity and beauty of the gardens and natural spaces in the park allow visitors the opportunity to spend their time immersed in new sensations, savouring new experiences and enjoying the modern concept - accessible to all - of "taste", "leisure time" and the "art of living". The 'Reggia di Venaria Reale' royal palace and the residence of La Mandria have been declared "World Heritage" sites by UNESCO.
Tel 011 499 2333